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If you watch my makeup tutorials you know how much I love to work on my cheeks! I know, I know, most people favor eye makeup or some great lip art. For me there is something about sculpting cheekbones and creating depth & dimension to the face that is really satisfying!

Ever since I began wearing makeup as a teenager, I would get so excited to go shopping for beauty products! I would spend hours flipping through girly magazines for inspiration and browse the beauty aisles of my local CVS store. Especially in college, this was my favorite thing to do late at night (yay for 24 hour CVS’s!). I stopped by my local CVS for some skincare products and ended up leaving with some new makeup to play with! CVS stocks dozens of new and innovative products every month and are even shoppable outside of the beauty aisles too! They’ve placed trendy beauty products in check-out aisles so you’re always up to date on what’s popular!

I sculpted & highlighted my cheeks with the few products I just picked up and wanted to share my haul and process with you! What’s really great about shopping beauty products at CVS is that they are 100% risk free. Beauty products can be returned no-questions-asked unopened or opened as long as you have your receipt. I do have a feeling though you’ll love everything I just picked up! 🙂

First up.. contour!


I am definitely a cream contour girl! The way it just melts into the skin is so beautiful to me and so satisfying to blend. I picked up Covergirl’s TruBlend Contour Palette and got to work! There are three shades in this palette to highlight, contour & bronze and they all share the same creamy easy-to-blend formula. I first went in with the contour cream color in the hollow of my cheeks. I like to curve it under the apple of my cheek to make them look a little fuller and more plump.


Unlike contour, I prefer a powder highlight. But to really accentuate the powder and make your highlight pop I love to put down a liquid or cream base first. This is where this palette comes back in! I swirl my finger on the highlight shade which warms it up for a smooth application and then just dab it along the highest point of my cheekbones.


Of course you can stop here with your highlight but I need mine to be seen from a mile away! I love mixing cool & warm highlighters so this Wet n Wild compact really caught my eye! It’s the megaglo Illuminating Palette in Catwalk Pink and it is so gorgeous! There are bands of gold, champagne, pink, & rose in here so you can mix as you please! The compact is large enough that you can use any of the colors on their own as well!

cvs-irenesarah-7 cvs-irenesarah-8

Above is the completed contour and highlighted look which is gorgeous on it’s on but I need a flush of color to finish sculpting!

CoverGirl’s Classic Color blush in Soft Mink was the first blush I ever bought over a decade ago and it is still my favorite drugstore blush to this day! I am so happy it’s still around, but it sure does make me feel old! I apply this directly behind the apples of my cheeks.

cvs-irenesarah-9 cvs-irenesarah-10

How fabulous are the results?! Please let me know in the comments some of your best CVS beauty finds!

This conversation was sponsored by CVS, all thoughts & opinions are my own!