Island Style | Bermuda


Hello from The Hamilton Princess Bermuda! I just wanted to quickly share my OOTD (& Iya’s!) from today before heading off to bed. Guys, Bermuda is AMAZING!!! I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting it to be like this.. I was thinking hmm ok an island that’s kind of Caribbean but not actually *in* the Caribbean?? I wasn’t imagining the weather to be as lovely or the scenery as dreamy as they both are. We’ll get into all that when I’m back home and put together my full travel diary. Let’s talk about today’s easy outfit..

My full look is from Akira! Their store was my go-to during the couple years I lived in Chicago! My jumpsuit was so comfy to wear all day. I wasn’t expecting to wear the yellow top over it but felt a bit exposed because criss cross tops are always SO cleavagey on my petite frame haha I didn’t feel entirely comfortable having even more skin showing. I ended up loving the two together; the mix of textures and silhouettes were super cute! Iya’s outfit I actually ordered on Amazon last minute — seriously last minute. I had it shipped to my cousin’s place in New York so I could grab it on my way to Bermuda. It was so so so cute on her, I ordered it in pink also!

If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram stories you know how much we’re loving our Doona carseat-stroller! I’ll do a full review soon but let me just say that it’s a complete game changer for travel & busy-city living. Thank you SO much Strollers and More!!! They literally had it Uber’d to me a few hours before our flight, life saver!

Can’t wait to share more of our trip with you guys, so be sure to keep up with me on Instagram! Mwah!

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