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Being so busy with the new house, our travels have been nonexistent this year.. and believe me I’ve been feening! We were heading to New York last month for my cousin’s engagement so I wanted to tack on a few extra days to squeeze in a mini-vacay. LA is so far from everything except, like… only Hawaii & Cabo ? There are so many great quick destinations from New York so I just had to take advantage of being in the Big Apple! A few years ago I worked with The Hamilton Princess to show off their massive renovation and its never left my mind since; it was finally the perfect opportunity for a visit. I was so surprised while searching flights – Bermuda is 90 minutes from JFK and the fares were cheap! I don’t know why Bermuda sounded like worlds away before, but just a quick flight from NY.. and the weather is amazing all year-round.

When traveling with a toddler, efficiency is everything! Landing in Hamilton was simple, the airport wasn’t busy, we grabbed our bags, and spotted our car service waiting for us with a sign (thanks to the hotel!). We were loaded up and off within moments – a very refreshing change from LAX & JFK, phew! Guys, Bermuda is GORGEOUS! So underrated-ly gorgeous! Being a sub-tropical island, I just wasn’t expecting it to be as lush as it is.. rich greens, aqua blue waters, pink sand, and the most beautiful pastel buildings throughout the island. I was eager to lay my eyes on our hotel, affectionately known as The Pink Palace. ?

We pulled into the driveway and I was already in love, I mean its pink! The Hamilton Princess‘ architecture is very traditional Bermudian, the doormen rocked their formal Bermuda shorts and greeted us with their charming accents.. but then we entered and there was such cool modern art everywhere! The hotel curates a massive collection and its all over the property, we often just strolled around taking it in like we were at an art gallery. A very cool dichotomy of the old and new.

We spent most of our time at the hotel. Being completely honest, Waseem & I had a hard time managing Iya as we’re transitioning from baby to toddler lol. We were a little shook with this whole new little human but things have since gotten much easier (great timing there Iya lol). Luckily for us, the hotel was amazing! We had a Gold Harbor View room so we had access to the Fairmont Gold Lounge, where we had complimentary breakfast, tea/coffee all day, high tea, canapés, dessert.. it was really wonderful! What was especially great is we were easily able to get Iya’s milk anytime they were open (6:30am-10pm). We spent a lot of time there haha.

We didn’t make it over to the Princess Beach Club but we absolutely loved the infinity pool! Their pools are salt water btw, my skin & hair are so thankful. We left the hotel a couple times to explore: we took Iya to the aquarium & zoo, and we went to Horseshoe Bay which is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! A fair warning though, literally everything closes around 5pm! ?They were folding up all the chairs and umbrellas moments after we got to the beach; we stayed and enjoyed ourselves anyways but just had nowhere to get comfortable. We would have planned our outings a little differently if we had known lol!

The Hamilton Princess has amazing restaurants but our absolute favorite is Marcus. We went for dinner two nights in a row!! The food was amazing, awesome ambiance and music (90s R&B our first night hayy!) I also loved 1609 for lunch, its an open air restaurant perched above the marina. The breeze was beyond relaxing, Iya even dozed off in her sling so I could eat in peace haha. Between the art, hospitality, food, & weather.. our stay in Bermuda was simply, dreamy!

Thank you to The Hamilton Princess for having us!

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