Mixing Textures | Dining Room Update

I’ve been working away at the house these past few months *finally* getting us settled in. It used to bum me out that things weren’t all set up & beautiful sooner but honestly I’m so glad I took my time! I found that really living in a space helps you understand exactly what you want & need instead of rushing into pieces that may not stick around long. I got our dining table & chairs right after we bought our home but literally didn’t get anything else until recently!

My aesthetic has changed quite in a bit in the past two years so i spent a lot of time questioning our dining set eeeek!! I was worried I’d end up getting rid of it and starting over, but I’m completely obsessed with where we’re at now!!! With the pampas craze in 2019, I suddenly became very into natural textures and tones.. the total opposite of what I was into before: grays, marble, mirrored, etc.

I purchased this fabulous jute rug which added a ton of beautiful texture to the room; its “nubby” with visible knots throughout and feels so therapeutic to walk on barefoot btw! Then I picked up some pampas & dried grasses from the flower market. I homed my tall pampas in black wood floor vases to keep with the natural textures and be toddler-safe. My glam dining set started to feel really unnatural in the room and I was seriously considering shopping for a solid wood dining table and linen upholstered chairs soon. On a mission to make it work, I mounted some z-gallerie-esque glitter art that had been sitting around collecting dust and I finally started to see my dining set fit in better. The natural and glam textures were starting to play off each other in a really nice way so I kept going with it with window treatments — black & gold curtain rods with natural texture linen drapes. I mean.. obsessed!!! These drapes were an absolute steal and are soo gorgeous – I ended up purchasing more for our master bedroom + same curtain rods.

Lastly, a statement chandelier!!! I’ve been drooling over Restoration Hardware’s Fringe Chandelier ever since we moved in and it was finally time to splurge on it. I did one last search for something comparable since RH’s is so pricey and I ended up finding a DUPE for a fraction of the price ($700 vs $3300) !!! Seriously, not just similar.. literally a dupe!! I purchased it right away and was nervous about taking it out of the box.. would it actually be crystal? A solid build? Yes & yes, it’s beautiful and is a delicious cherry on top balancing out all of the glam & natural textures. Every guest we’ve had since then has had something to say about it, it’s such a stellar statement piece!

The only thing left I need is a beautiful fireplace screen, what do you guys think? Black or gold?

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