My Healthy Hair Journey

My hair has really struggled these past few years, between heat damage + breakage AND all the post-partum hairloss re-growth (yes that’s a thing lol!).. I’ve made it a point to start 2020 with an entirely new, intentional routine for my tresses on my journey to getting it back long and strong!

First up, new clean haircare!

The All New Fekkai

I’m so excited to announce my year long partnership with Fekkai, seriously the most perfect pairing as I’m on this new journey! They’ve recently had an amazing glo-up and offer 15 new products under 5 different silos. Personally, I am loving the brilliant gloss collection! My hair is naturally textured and doesn’t have a ton of luster or shine on its own but the brilliant gloss collection has really been making it sparkle! My husband’s hair is the polar opposite of mine and he loves the full blown volume line – there’s seriously something for everyone! You can find them at and Target!

While I’m being more conscious of what I’m putting on my hair, I’m happy to say I’m being mindful of what I’m putting back into the environment at the same time! Fekkai’s new packaging is 100% recyclable and contains no virgin plastic at all! Totally environmentally friendly and sustainable – even the product ingredients are plant derived!

Fekkai’s formulas are free of nasties: no silicones, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or gluten. They’re vegan & cruelty free and are safe for color & keratin treated hair! I’ve been loving the brilliant gloss collection for about 6 weeks now and my hair is already visibly different.. its less dry, it shines, and it moves so much more than it used to!

So excited for my year ahead working with Fekkai, hopefully with lots of opportunities to meet & connect with you guys as well!

Heat Styling, etc

While being mindful about what I’m putting on my hair, I can’t forget about how I physically treat it as well. I’m making a conscious effort to ditch my curling wand as much as I can! I burn my ears all the time while doing my hair, I don’t know why it took so long for me to realize how damaging that kind of heat must be on my hair itself. I splurged on the Dyson Airwrap (finally!) and can already see my hair thanking me for it! Seriously, check out all that bounce & shine I got in my video below after washing with Fekkai Brilliant Gloss shampoo/conditioner & styling with my Airwrap. What dreams are made of!!

I also picked up some satin pillow cases to protect my hair (& face!)..

Lastly, please Irene take your vitamins & eat better too lol!


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