Building Your Baby Registry

Hi blog-fam!

I know I’ve been neglecting you, I’m sorry! It’s definitely a 2021 goal to get active on my little piece of the internet here again.

Now that I’ve crossed the halfway mark of my pregnancy with baby #2, I’ve started to feel a little behind on getting ready! While I’ve saved most of Iya’s essentials and big-ticket baby items for future siblings, there are still some things I need to get! I haven’t bought a single thing yet lol! Eeeek!

I spent a lot of my Christmas break putting together my Amazon Baby Registry! This is in no way sponsored by Amazon, I went with them because its more of just a shopping list for myself (doubt I’ll have a baby shower!) and I’ll most definitely be taking advantage of my 15% completion discount at the end! When I was pregnant with Iya, I registered through Babylist btw!

After creating your registry & making at least a $10 purchase off it, you’ll receive a free welcome box of products, samples, & coupons! Here’s what arrived in mine:

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Baby Registry Musts:

This is more for first time parents who’ll need ALL the essentials (full idea list that I’ll continue to update is HERE)! If you’re curious about the few(er) things I feel like I’ll need the second time around, you can view *my* registry HERE!


I started with an infant seat with Iya and transitioned to a convertible seat when she outgrew it. This time around I’m going straight for the convertible seat because I still have Iya’s old Doona!

Iya will be almost 4 when baby sis is here so instead of expanding my strollers to a double, I’m planning on getting a toddler boogie board attachment.

I personally loved the Baby K’tan as a babywearing newbie! It was easy to learn and get the hang of things before i graduated to ring slings and more structured carriers.



I love pails that don’t require cartridges! I started with the Ubbi but switched to Skip Hop’s diaper pail last year – it has a better seal to keep that stank in IMO lol! Both are great though and can take a standard kitchen garbage bag!

Many parents were just fine without a video monitor but it felt so necessary for me to check on Iya without going in and waking her. I highly suggest getting a 2nd cheapy audio monitor though just in case your wi-fi goes out!

Feeding / Pumping:

Bath / Personal Care:


You will need SO much less than you think because 1. tiny babies spend so much time in pajamas anyways 2. you will get SO many clothes as gifts and 3. babies grow out of things so quickly! Aside from essentials I recommend not going nuts on the cute little outfits (especially newborn sized), get a beautiful coming home outfit, OOTDs for upcoming special occasions, and just try to relax lol!


Get a few newborn side snap shirts for the very early days while you’re waiting for the belly button stump to fall off because onesies can rub and irritate the area. This was such a great tip from a friend!

I hope this was helpful, if I forgot anything at all I’ll be sure to come back and update! I’ll be regularly updating my Amazon Storefront as well!

Registry Thought Starters: