Most Used Newborn Products | Month One

Checking in as a mama of 2 (whaaaaat?!) 🙂

I am nearly 5 weeks post partum and am on cloud 9! Ilyana was born April 29th, and although my birth experience was quite intense (I owe you that story still!), it’s been just lovely ever since — my recovery as well as babyhood, both!

I know its *so* confusing to decide what baby products to register for or buy so I wanted to check in and share the products we’ve used the most this past month!

Doona – For Iya we used her Doona only for travel but this time around, for Ilyana, we decided to make it our primary carseat! It’s definitely heavier than a usual bucket seat but the ease of just being able to go without snapping it onto a travel system or transferring baby to another stroller has been amazing!! We do transfer her to bassinet strollers for longer/leisure outings but for quick errands & doctors visits we just pop the Doona out and it keeps outings so streamlined!

Nanobebe Flexy Pacifier – I got a couple of these in different baby registry welcome boxes and didn’t really think about them (start your Amazon registry HERE!). When I decided to introduce a pacifier a few weeks in, Ilyana’s mouth was so little she would gag on everything – soothies, wubbanub, bibs, mam, nuk, you name it! I noticed Nanobebe’s nipple was the shortest of the bunch and she ending up taking to them right away! YAY! Now that she’s grown so much @ almost 5 weeks, she’s started accepting the bibs style just yesterday too!

Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Bassinet – WORTH IT’S WEIGHT IN GOLD!!!! I know every baby is different but the Snoo has really been working out with Ilyana! We got a 6 hour stretch before her first feed last night, I can’t believe I’m actually getting some sleep in this soon!

Owlet Smart Sock 3 – Speaking of sleep.. I can’t put a price on peace of mind! We were out of town last week and didn’t have all of our things from home and I had such a hard time sleeping. I’d wake up every hour to watch Ilyana’s chest move up & down. Love these new long stretches she’s getting at home and I can peacefully get some Z’s at the same time!

Posh Peanut Pajamas – The softest buttery soft bamboo fabric!!! I love these pajamas so much, they are SO SOFT, have great stretch, & have double zippers so you don’t have to open baby up completely for diaper changes. — new customers can use code IRENE10 for a discount!

“Hospital” Hats – I have petite babies and remember NO hats fitting Iya when we brought her home! She wore her hospital hat for the longest time so I preemptively bought a bunch for Ilyana and she wears them every night! Her bassinet is right in the draft of our AC vent so these keep her cozy and snoozing without falling off.

Cool Mist Humidifier + Diffuser – Love this humidifier by Frida Baby! It’s a humidifier, diffuser, & nightlight all in one! I don’t use the nightlight function because they’re all cool tones (blue & green) but run the humidifier every night with a few drops of BreatheFrida Vapor Drops.

Air Purifier + Sound Machine – Another great product by Frida Baby! I love these combo products as they save a ton of nightstand space! This replaced my huge Dyson air purifier & Dohm sound machine! It also is a nightlight but again… cool tones womp womp. I figure if blue light from screens aren’t good for sleep, a blue nightlight wouldn’t be either??

Vava Nightlight – I LOVE this thing!! It’s been on for years between Iya & the new baby and still going strong lol! It’s such a sleek looking nightlight that is controlled by touch (brightness, color temperature, on/off), it stays on on the base all night but I can pick it up and walk around with it for diaper changes. The last thing I want to do is turn on the room’s lights and get baby out of her sleepy mood. Warm tones ftw!!

Bebe au Lait Burpcloths – Love these! So soft, stylish, & very absorbent! I tuck them under baby’s chin when bottle feeding too so haven’t needed bibs yet. I stocked up on a bunch!

Baby Shusher – I would have neverrrr spent $35 on this thing before seeing it in action lol! The photographer at Ilyana’s newborn shoot turned this on when she’d get fussy and it’d calm her right to sleep, whaaat?! This has become our car staple!

Dock-a-tot – this is a controversial product in that parents either love it or think its a huge waste lol! Iya slept in this thing for 8 months until we transitioned her to her crib. I pulled it out for Ilyana a couple weeks ago so she’d have a safe space to lounge around in during the day. My heart kept falling every time Iya would start jumping around her on the couch lol. We took it with us to Sacramento last week also and Ilyana spent a lot of time hanging out and sleeping in it!

Splurge product: bassinet on wheels – NurseryWorks Aura Bassinet. We keep the dock a tot in this actually for ilyana’s daytime naps and just lounge time in the evening before we turn in to the bedroom. It has wheels so I roll it around the house with me. It’s pricy as a secondary bassinet but SO gorgeous and actually so functional too! We use it daily!

Splurge blankie: Barefoot Dreams Receiving Blanket – I had my eye on this for so long, I waited for my Amazon Registry completion discount to finally purchase it and I love it so so much!! It’s buttery soft and so pretty!

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