Iya’s Tangled 4th Birthday Party

And just like that… hair she goes! My firstborn is four!

Iya’s at the age now where her parties are no longer for the grownups! After literally growing from toddler to child and becoming a big sister all while locked up in the pandemic — I wanted her party to totally center on her & her buddies! We haven’t had many opportunities to socialize these past 18 months so the social anxiety we’re feeling as adults, I know is even harder on the kids. Iya’s been struggling hard these past several months so we kept it small as she’s easing back into the world. Her comfort and enjoyment were absolutely paramount.

Of course Shumaila from SoCal Event Planners came through with the brilliant planning & design!!! Iya has been obsessed with Tangled all year so we knew we had to do a Rapunzel theme but I didn’t want it to be overly charecter-y haha. Shumaila along with Saman from 2Create Designs built this whimsical experience right in our tiny courtyard. Yes, experience! I felt like I was in a storybook and Iya truly felt like a princess that day! Every time I poked my head out to check on set-up, it’d take my breath away with every bit of progress. This design was such a unique & elegant take on a princess theme.. I could totally imagine a Tangled themed wedding lol! I cannot thank these ladies enough. What’s even more impressive is that they pulled this together in less than a week!!!

Iya & her 6 besties (+ baby siblings all born during the pandemic!) enjoyed the day having their hair braided & painting their own masterpieces. Get ready for all the beautiful details below!

Planning & coordination: @socaleventplanners

Backdrop & florals: @2createdesigns

Cake & Sweets: @somethingmeetha

I’ve had Eman’s cakes & sweets many times in the past but I have to objectively say that this cake was the best EVERRRR!!!! We usually have so much left overs but this funfetti & rose buttercream cake was totally cleared out! I’m still dreaming about it!

Rose Lemonade: @lachaicart

We’ve worked together on many events since LA Chai Cart started and they NEVER miss! They were booked on the date of our party but they still came through with such a sweet refreshing touch – rose lemonade! With the whimsical decor and rose buttercream cake, it was the perfect floral touch. Thank you Summara!!

Arts & Crafts: @little_artist_party

Photographer: @louis_vuithanh

Thank you for the beautiful photos Thanh!!! I’m so excited to get everything printed into a coffee table book 🙂 He always brings the best energy and is so patient with my grumpy toddler haha!

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