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Building a Capsule Wardrobe for Your Littles

My name is Hafsa and I am a former hoarder. I changed my life around a few years ago, and it has never felt so good. Removing clutter from my life (a la Marie Kondo, but pre-Netflix show) has sparked so much joy in my life and made it SO…

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10 Easy Tips to Hosting

Hosting can be overwhelming, add kids to the mix and it’s even more! Party planning and hosting is something I enjoy very much. Many ask how I have the time or how I manage between motherhood, blogging and well, life. Here are some tips I use when party planning/hosting to…

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The Most Beautiful Partyware

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

By now, you’ve probably asked him what he wants for Father’s day. And if he’s anything like the other dads I know, he probably said he doesn’t want anything. Let me tell you right now that your husband is a liar. A selfless, big-hearted, beautiful liar. That’s because we do want stuff,…

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Gifts for Zaddy

The Perks of Journaling for Self Care

If you’ve ever been to therapy, the idea of journaling your thoughts or emotions has probably been thrown out there in one way or another. There’s no coincidence as to why journaling is the first coping technique suggested by your therapist. It is for *good* and *strong* reasons!! Many disagree,…

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