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Healthy Hair Begins With a Healthy Scalp

Stress, genetics, irritated skin, etc.. so many things can cause a flare up of dandruff and your scalp has its own needs along with your hair! Head & Shoulders Tea Tree & Ginger Root 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner removes up to 94% of impurities! Being a 2-in-1, it doesn’t dry…

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My Healthy Hair Journey

My hair has really struggled these past few years, between heat damage + breakage AND all the post-partum hairloss re-growth (yes that’s a thing lol!).. I’ve made it a point to start 2020 with an entirely new, intentional routine for my tresses on my journey to getting it back long…

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My Signature Hair

Hello from Bali!

It’s mid-day here in Bali and we’re taking a little break from class so I wanted to share my hair styling routine with my blog-fam! Sorry I’ve been so MIA, things got extremely overwhelming before leaving for my trip and it was a serioussss struggle — topped that stress off with 35 hours of travel, yikes! I’m all relaxed now at our gorgeous rice paddy-front villa and here with some posts! I get tons of requests for a tutorial on how I style my signature waves & TBH most of my hair tutorials are this style but I thought I would film something all inclusive. I’ll be showing you how I take my hair from damp to blow dried to curled. I don’t always blow-dry my hair before using a wand but I prefer to as the resulting style is much more soft this way — it all comes down to how much time I have!


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Moroccanoil Favorites

I’ve been a huge fan of Moroccanoil products since college and they were actually the ones to begin the whole argan oil craze so I am super excited to partner up with them today on this post! From the original Moroccanoil treatment I discovered the Luminous Hairspray, and then the Dry Shampoo, Curl Cream, Blow Dry Cream.. the list goes on and on. Today I’ll be chit chatting about my top 3 favorites (otherwise we’d seriously be here all day!). Not only are Moroccanoil’s argan oil-infused products high quality and work wonders on my coarse, dry hair.. everything smells SO good! Sometimes I ditch perfume all together. With winter still here in full force, adding argan oil to your beauty routine will have your hair and skin feeling and looking great for the New Year. Argan oil is jam packed with antioxidents, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E; no wonder Mediterranean women have such gorgeous skin and hair! All Moroccanoil products are infused with it and naturally help rejuvenate skin and restore shine to thirsty hair. My three Moroccanoil favorites are wonderful standalone products but I use each of them pretty regularly together in my beauty routine so let’s get to it in the same order as if I were getting ready. First up, Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Oil

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Katy Perry Purple Ombre Wave

Sponsored Hi Katy Cats! I have been obsessed with this photo of Katy for.. forever!!! I’ve always wanted some funky color in my hair ever since I saw Christina Aguilera in the Come on Over video but I’ve never seen it done tastefully on black hair until Katy! Even then,…

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